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Living Full Time in Timeshares

As a career soldier, my husband, Ron, was appointed to an assignment near Yellow Springs, OH, where we bought our 100-year-old Victorian home in 1986. While our children went to high school there and then went on to college, Ron worked as an over-the-road truck driver and I taught at Yellow Springs High School and then Cedarville University... Read More...

Timesharing to the Max in the Midwest

Timesharing! What a great way to travel! We have gone from a family history of either driving “straight through” and/or sleeping in Interstate rest areas to staying in beautiful two-bedroom condos, thanks to timesharing—but most of our family lives in the Midwest, so we have to plan carefully because fewer timeshares are available where we need to be... Read More...

Timeshare Boardsmanship: Deciding to Serve

What inspires you to consider serving on your timeshare owners’ association’s board of directors? Are you retired and miss the challenging responsibilities in your former career? Do you have a relevant skill or experience background that would benefit your resort? Would you like to see improvements in the way the resort is maintained or developed?... Read More...

The Road Trip of a Lifetime

“You did what?” family, friends and strangers ask when we describe our round-trip drive across America. “Wow, I would love to do that,” many have replied. “Go for it!” is my response. We left Napa, CA, on April 21, 2014, and returned July 7, having logged 13,635 miles in 11 weeks in our mini-van, including five timeshare weeks. During our initial planning, we developed a general route, listing all the sights to see and family and friends to visit... Read More


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